About this blog

I love fashion, shopping and travelling. However, I also love getting these items at a value for money price ❤


I spend quite sometime browsing around for value for money purchases. However, when I am busy, I wish there was a blog or blogs which I could go to understand key value for money items to purchase – unfortunately, I was not able to find any. This is where the idea for this blog derived from – somewhere visitors can identify key value for money items to purchase 😀

Please note then I say value for money, I do not mean just the price being cheap. What I mean is that the price is attractive given the quality. I do not believe in giving in to items which wouldn’t last or are for a trend which is short term – I want items that last and are an investment for quite sometime!


For holidays, I research prices and options a lot, build spreadsheets, read all relevant reviews in order to get the best value for money. I don’t think one has to spend a lot of money to get a great holiday, however I definitely do not want to risk having a miserable holiday by going cheap either! So, by sharing my hard pre-work and experiences, I hope to ease your planning 🙂